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PLM J    Product Lifecycle Management Journal



The PLM Journal was the in-house newsletter of the PLMIG from 2004 to 2013, after which focus moved onto the drive to establish the PLM Financial Framework.

During that period it was the primary medium for bringing the new ideas and knowledge from PLMIG events to members around the world.


The PLM Journal collection forms a large body of material that is still relevant today.  Several of the most recent issues, from 2010 onwards, are still 'Live' as they are the first editions of instruction books that have not yet been superseded.

Earlier editions contain informed PLM discussion and new theory that has not been published in any other format.  These can be used as an educational resource for new PLM Managers or as a source of ideas for the more experienced.



Journal Classification


Live Issues

Q2 2010 Issue
Covers the full methodology for developing a PLM Dashboard for large corporations and smaller companies. The Q2 Issue includes:-


  • Dashboarding Overview
  • PLM Dashboard Structure
  • PLM Dashboard Content
  • Developing and Applying the Dashboard


Q3 2010 Issue
The first instalment of the PLM Manager's Handbook, covering the context and starting essentials for PLM. It also explains how to use the CEO Briefing Document in real presentations to the board.  The Q3 Issue includes:-


  • PLM Contexts
  • Fundamentals of PLM management
  • Intermediate and Advanced Subjects
  • How to Use the CEO Briefing Document


Q1 2011 Issue
Published as a Catalogue for the initial PLM Best Practice Library. The Q1 Issue includes:-


  • Understanding Best Practice
  • Library Structure
  • PLM Section
    • Concepts and Definitions
    • PLM Team Skills
    • Management and Governance
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Metrics and Commercial Value
  • PDM Section
    • Fundamentals of PLM
    • PDM Project Management
    • PDM Metrics
  • Specialist Subjects
    • Document / Content Management
    • Application Lifecycle Management
    • PLM and ERP
    • PLM and Quality


Q2 2011 Issue
The instruction book for the Path to PLM: a standardised methodology that will take a company from 'initial interest' to having a functional and effective PLM platform in 2 years.  The Q2 Issue includes:-


  • What is the Path to PLM?
  • Methodology Overview
  • Standardised Project Framework
  • Orientation
  • Applying the Methodology
  • Running the Implementation


Q3 2011 Issue
The first ever PLM Handbook for SMEs, providing a structured adoption and implementation methodology for small and medium-sized businesses. The Q3 Issue includes:-


  • Why PLM is Important for SMEs
  • How PLM Relates to SMEs
  • The PLM Instruction Book
  • How to Apply PLM
  • Advanced Concepts


Q2 2012 Issue
The reference work for PLM Standardisation. Based on the international workshop series, it provides comprehensive guidance on how to maximise the efficiency of an enterprise-wide PLM implementation by effective standardisation of the environment.  The Q2 Issue includes:-


  • Executive Summary
  • Background to PLM Standardisation
  • Current Standards Scenario
  • PLM Standardisation Theory
  • Standardisation Methodology
  • Standardisation Factors
  • Future Standardised PLM


Q3 2012 Issue
The second instalment of the PLM Manager's Handbook, covering the concept of 'The Intelligent PLM Manager' as the primary agent for PLM change within the company.  Progress in PLM depends on the PLM Manager's intelligence, capability and diligence.  The Q3 Issue includes:-


  • History of PLM Management
  • The Intelligent PLM Manager
  • Fundamentals of PLM Management
  • Weaknesses of PLM Management
  • Changing the PLM Future


Q4 2012 Issue
Reviewed the development of PLM over the past 30 years, using a detailed analysis to extrapolate to the Future of PLM that may exist in 30 years' time. Drawing also on the science fiction predictions of Asimov et. al. in the 1950s, the analysis shows two possible future realities:-


  • Evolution that consolidates the current sub-optimal situation; or,
  • Transformation caused by PLM Managers taking control

Although the analysis is based on fictional ideas, it shows clearly the choices that the PLM industry needs to make if it is ever to move forward in a significant way.


Q3 2013 Issue
The first of two issues that commemorate 10 years of the PLMIG.  The Q3 issue looks back at the material published in the previous 50 issues and presents 'The Forgotten Subjects of PLM':-


  • Early ideas that have been superseded
  • Lapsed ideas that are still true today
  • Initiatives that failed to ignite
  • Subjects that have become important again
  • Ideas for the future


Q4 2013 Issue
The fourth issue of 2013 looks at the past 10 years of PLMIG activity and the milestones of new knowledge that have been generated.

The Q4 issue shows how this all fits together, supporting the current drive to gain financial control of PLM and predicting two alternative future scenarios for the PLM industry as a whole.

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Journal Classification


Superseded Issues

Q1 2010 Issue
Contained full details of the new PLM Concept Set and Product Structure standards.  This was superseded by the Version 2.11 Product Structure Standard which was published as a stand-alone document on February 12 2012.

Q4 2010 Issue
A stand-alone CEO Briefing Document that explains PLM for the CEO and the board.  This was superseded by the Version 2.0 CEO Briefing Document for PLM which was published as a stand-alone document on September 24 2014.

Q4 2011 Issue
The first complete release of the PLM Governance Standard.  This was superseded by the Version 2.0 PLM Governance Standard which was published as a stand-alone document on May 18 2015.

Q1 2012 Issue
The Version 1.0 'PLM-ERP Primer', covering the business and management issues raised by the PLM-ERP series launch.  This was superseded by the Version 2.0 PLMuERP Primer which was published as a stand-alone document on February 12 2013.

Q1 2013 Issue
The 'Financial Systems Appreciation' issue provided an essential introduction to accountancy principles and methods for the PLM Team.  This has been superseded by the Version 2.0 Accountancy Overview for PLM Managers which was published as a stand-alone document on May 26 2015.

Q2 2013 Issue
The Version 1.0 'PLM Financial Primer', providing a high-level overview of PLM Financial Management for the PLM Team and their non-PLM colleagues.  This was superseded by the Version 2.0 PLM Financial Primer which was published as a stand-alone document on September 08 2014.



Journal Classification


PLM Journal 2009

The four issues of 2009 form an integrated set that captures the new PLM knowledge generated during that year.  Whilst some of this material has been incorporated into more recent issues, other subjects covered in the PLM Journal up to the end of 2009 are still relevant and useful.

Q1 2009 Issue
The first issue of 2009 covered the viewpoints and material from recent user events, including:-

  • Viewpoints of hands-on PLM user managers, as they discussed their PLM issues with each other at the User Forum launch
  • How longer-term collaboration through the User Initiative will enable companies to feed combined knowledge into their implementations
  • How the PLMIG toolset can be used to deal with a range of high-level problems in PLM
  • New PLM terminology: “Lights On” PLM
  • A new framework for generating metrics for the Commercial Value of PLM, that is independent of proprietary bias and can be used now

Q2 2009 Issue
The second issue of 2009 deals with the relationship between PLM and PDM, and the different project management techniques that apply to them. The Q2 Issue includes:-

  • The Path to PLM - for SMBs, companies, corporations and the PLM industry
  • The relationship between PLM and PDM, in practical terms
  • Fundamentals of PDM - pure data management essentials
  • Document Management in the PDM environment
  • PDM Project Management: a 'Reverse Holistic' approach
  • PLM Project Management: Generative Project Planning

Q3 2009 Issue
The third issue of 2009 covers the whole spectrum of management and metrics, from the CEO view down to metrics generation within your own company. The Q3 Issue includes:-

  • PLM Vision, Strategy & Plan
  • CEO, the Board, and Steering Groups - Who Drives Whom?
  • PLM Roadmapping - charting the way for PLM implementors
  • Principles of Metrics for PLM and PDM
  • Generating Metrics for PLM and PDM
  • New Terminology: "PLM Traction"

Q4 2009 Issue
The fourth issue of 2009 evaluates the way forward for the PLM industry if Full PLM Maturity is ever to be reached. The Q4 Issue includes:-

  • PLM Standards
  • PLM Qualifications
  • PLM Metrics and Reference Models
  • Where is the PLM Industry going?
  • PLM and ERP - a practical overview
  • Summary of 2009
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Journal Classification


Back Catalogue

Issues from the PLM Journal back catalogue are available via Individual Membership or separate purchase, as listed below.

Q4 2007 Issue
The fourth issue of 2007 explained the whole context of the PLM User Initiative - why PLM needs to move from meetings of individuals to collaboration between companies; the consequential benefits for the industry as a whole; and how it may offer a new role for PLM Research.  The Q4 issue includes:-

  • The Fundamental Issues of PLM
  • Changing the PLM Landscape
  • Industry Roadmap and the role of Research
  • PLM User Initiative 2008: How to Benefit

Q3 2007 Issue
The third issue of 2007 focused on roadmapping and the factors that impede PLM progress.  To produce an effective PLM Roadmap you must have a clear view of the "to be" state that you are working towards, and a practical structure to achieve it.  The Q3 issue includes:-

  • PLM Progress, and How to Maintain It
  • The Goal of PLM
  • 3 Roadmapping Methods from the PLM Summit
  • Consultation Issues from the PLM User Initiative

Q2 2007 Issue
The second issue of 2007 was published as a feature issue on the results of the Pharmaceutical Challenge Workshop run by the PLMIG on behalf of Visiongain at the beginning of the month.  The Workshop generated new knowledge about the role of industry factors in PLM, and the Q2 issue includes:-

  • PLM generics and industry specifics
  • what makes the pharmaceutical industry special
  • the role of the lifecycle in PLM
  • implementing PLM in pharma
  • lessons for other industries

Q1 2007 Issue
The first issue of 2007 was published a month after the release of the V1.0 PLM Maturity Reference Manual.  It describes the two possible PLM Maturity scales and their subdivisions, together with the Structure-Based and Activity-Based methodologies for carrying out the assessments.  The Q1 issue also includes:-

  • a review of the barriers facing directors/VPs in understanding PLM, and a proactive, holistic approach to convincing them
  • a description of how Quality and PLM initiatives overlap in terms of business improvement and cost saving
  • the first ever overview of Generative Project Planning, which enables PLM implementations to be planned through to full maturity

Q4 2006 Issue
The fourth issue of 2006 was published in January 2007 so that it could cover the results of the PLM Maturity Workshop in Paris and the Research 2007 Meeting in Lausanne.  It includes:-

  • the structure of a Maturity Manual
  • issues of PLM Maturity that affect all PLM environments
  • what is "Full Maturity", and what might lie beyond
  • how PLM research might uncover 'FuturePLM'
It also develops the theme of User Groups for PLM, and how user needs can be fed into vendor products in the modern age.

Q3 2006 Issue
The third issue of 2006 was published at the end of October and includes:-

  • a look ahead to the PLM Maturity Workshop in Paris
  • PLM as a career step - a PLM Manager's job description
  • a review of the UGS PLM Europe 2006 Conference
  • PLM for CEOs - a preview of the article written for CXO Magazine
  • PLM Needs Assessment - a 8 Step Approach to PLM Progress

Q2 2006 Issue
The second issue of 2006 was published in September and contains articles on:-

  • the current status of the three PLM Reference Models
  • summaries of PLM Summit presentations from GM, Meyn, Beiersdorf, Airbus UK and others
  • how your industry sector can impact your PLM
  • the 8 most important PLM Pitfalls to Avoid
  • a walk-through of how PLM Self-Assessment works
  • more on plans for an Industry Review event

Q1 2006 Issue
The first issue of 2006 was published in May and covers the results of the two PLM Benefits Reference Model workshops in London and Boston.  It includes:-

  • eight pages of coverage of the Benefits Reference Model Launch Phase
  • plans for an academic PLMIG conference for RSIG members later in the year
  • how the new PLMIG 'Drivers for PLM' Survey is underpinned by the 'PLM Top Ten' meeting of 2004
  • an overview of the one-day workshops that are extending the reach of the BRM initiative
  • how terminology differences are a barrier to PLM progress

Back Issues
It is a policy of the PLMIG that its detailed proceedings and published material remain confidential to members, so we cannot post the actual content of back issues on this site.  We have therefore created an extract of the January 2004 issue which meets these guidelines.

You can also read or download the front pages of the subsequent issues:-

Full copies or sets of back issues may be obtained via this link.

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