PLM Interest Group


Welcome to the PLMIG

The PLM Interest Group provides neutral tools, expert knowledge, managed programmes and leadership to raise the performance of PLM.


Road to Excellence

The PLMIG provides a wide range of structured methodologies to enable Members to raise their implementations to a standard of PLM excellence.


PLM Toolsets

PLMIG toolsets are the instruction books for PLM. They embody most comprehensive and advanced set of neutral working methodologies for PLM.


                          Class A PLM


All well-established corporate PLM implementations regard themselves as Advanced, and examples of PLM Best Practice.

But if the PLM industry could establish a formalised definition of 'Advanced PLM', would your implementation qualify?

You can now find out, by following a structured self-assessment process that will enable you to generate agreed metrics for every aspect of your PLM programme, and compare them against a new standard of Class A PLM.

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