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Excellence in PLM


As implementations become mature over time, their complexity and performance can seem very impressive, but there is always room to improve.



The path of continuous improvement should lead to an ongoing state of Excellence.

Everything about your PLM implementation should be as good as it possibly could be.




Covering everything in PLM is an extremely wide scope; and becoming as good as possible is an extremely high level of performance.


Advanced PLM

'Advanced PLM' is the method by which an implementation can progress from 'Competent' to 'Excellent'.

As its name suggests, it elevates PLM out of the ordinary and every-day: but it is part of the journey towards excellence, rather than excellence achieved.

The PLMIG covers this in detail as a subject in its own right.

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Areas of Excellence


Excellence in PLM requires each of these areas to be of the highest standard:-




Maintaining a management structure for PLM that goes right up to Board level, down to operations, and extends seamlessly across the global organisation.




PLM is managed professionally in terms of approach; skill sets; and career development of staff.

  Class A PLM



PLM operations across the enterprise run at the highest level of performance, year on year.

  Financial Performance



Complete management and control of costs, benefits and financial outturns from PLM, integrated with the financial accounting of the business.

  Full Maturity



Achievement of the full extent of possible PLM, across all 16 axes; all parts of the enterprise; and throughout the Value and Supply chains.

  Excellence Assessment



Continuous assessment of 24 parameters of performance by means of the 'Excellence Challenge'.


What Excellence Means

The quest for Excellence begins by looking at your own implementation in the light of these headings, and asking if there are any shortfalls.

Note that, in terms of excellence, mitigating factors do not apply.  Thus:-

"We would be doing these things if not for our immediate problems"

... is not an excuse.  If you are excellent, you are excellent, whatever the circumstances.  In fact, maintaining a PLM environment that is as close as possible to 'Excellent' is a very effective way of minimising the impact of setbacks.

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