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PLM as a Profession


The PLMIG has been working for the past two years on the Professional PLM Initiative, which aims to establish a well-defined, internationally-recognised professional structure for the PLM industry.


The Professional PLM Initiative has now launched its Foundation Stage programme that will resume in 2023 after the pandemic hiatus.

The PLMIG is the driving force behind this programme, supporting the Steering Group and generating and managing the deliverables.


PLMIG Members can benefit from this with a Fast Track programme to adopt the best of the new professional ideas and working material.

With ongoing updates as new material is developed; interaction at the draft stage to input your views; and formal guidance in how to apply the new ideas; you can build professionalism into your implementation as the Initiative develops.



PLMIG Support


The role of the PLMIG is to manage the Initiative to the point at which it reaches its critical mass and becomes self-supporting into the long-term future.

This drive toward a PLM Profession is therefore guided and directed by the Steering Group, with the PLMIG enacting its instructions and creating the extensive set of new working material that is needed.  By applying this new material as soon as it is generated, within a structured PLMIG framework, the Fast Track becomes possible.


Structured Fast Track


The aim of the Fast Track is to refresh your implementation with new ideas, and to raise horizons with a clearer, more detailed emphasis on professionalism.

It is not a measure of progress or success, because there are other PLMIG tools that deal with those areas. Instead it is a discovery process that shows where a stronger focus on professionalism could make (usually rapid and inexpensive) improvements.

The method is to combine existing PLMIG functionality that comes with Membership with the new professional material within a straightforward and methodical process.

The process is interactive and adjusted for each situation around a core of:-

  • a review of Professionalism as a concept and management practice
  • an opening Question Set on approach, organisation, communication and control
  • a review of documentation against best practice
  • a cross-check against the parameters of Demystifying PLM
  • application of the Governance Standard to clarify the high-level management environment
  • a focused Self-Assessment to safely bring in the views of stakeholders
  • latest results and material from the Professional PLM Initiative


Timing and Results


With a 3-month preparation in the form of a first pass through the process ends with an internal review, which makes the picture clear for stakeholders and colleagues.  This is followed by a short action programme to bring the professional scenario up to where it should be.

This should not only generate improvements by the end of the year, but will enhance your planning and ambition for 2023 onwards.


Join the Fast Track


This active professionalisation process is an integral part of Individual Membership, and can be permeated across a multinational organisation via Corporate Membership.

You can request further information via .

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