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Professional PLM Associate Programme


The Professional PLM Initiative aims to establish a well-defined, internationally-recognised professional structure for the PLM industry.  The Initiative was originally founded by the PLMIG, which continues to play a leading role.


The PLMIG is the driving force behind this programme, supporting the Steering Group, and generating and managing the deliverables.

The PLMIG also produces most of the working material, and this has been structured to create the Professional PLM Associate Programme.


It may take a couple of years for a PLM Profession to be formed, and for official qualifications and certification to be established.  In the meantime there are thousands of PLM practitioners around the world who want to improve their careers.

The Professional PLM Associate Programme is a path that can be followed now, with benefits for the practitioner and for their organisation.


Professional PLM Associate


Career Journey


The Associate Programme is not a qualification, but a working methodology that supports practitioners as they fulfil their real-life roles.  It works by making career planning visible, and by providing the tools for the Associate to structure and improve it.

The Programme provides a reference framework for the participant to establish their current scenario and future aims; and a 12-month supply of working material for the participant to improve his or her skill set.

Everybody has a different starting point, and everyone has different ambitions.  The range of material is such that the most useful parts can be actively followed, with the rest saved for reference - increasing the participant's own personal 'Body of Knowledge'.

This turns the everyday work of a PLM practitioner into a career journey that enhances their capabilities and moves towards future professionalism.


Professional PLM Associate


12-Month Programme


The starter pack includes a self-assessment kit that enables the participant to position themselves and to create a view of what they may want to aim for.  This in itself is an educational process, providing clarity and written detail.

Every month an instalment of working material covers the business and technical issues of PLM, designed to expand the skills of the participant but also to be applicable to real-world PLM.  Thus the participant adds value and improvement to their implementation as they learn.

Throughout the whole 12-month programme the PLMIG provides active Q&A support to help resolve questions and issues that arise as the material is used.


Professional PLM Associate




There are five main parts to the Methodology:-


Orientation / Mobilisation


Monthly Material Feed


Body of Knowledge


Operational Q&A


Associate Interaction


Orientation / Mobilisation


Mobilisation commences with a 'Starter Pack' of career-positioning guidance to help the Associate think through current and future possibilities and produce a personal career template.


Monthly Material Feed


The monthly feed of practical working material expands the Associate's thinking and provides tools that can be used in practice to improve their ongoing in-house PLM operations.


Body of Knowledge

Associates can cross-reference what they are doing and learning against the neutral PLM Body of Knowledge, gaining from it and contributing to it as they do so.


Operational Q&A

Associates can send in questions about issues they are encountering, and receive a PLMIG response.  Experience has shown that this ideas exchange is enough to break the implementation barrier and move forward.


Associate Interaction

Associates can meet on-line to talk to and work with each other, on Agendas that they set for themselves. This enables them to share ideas and working techniques directly, at whatever level of detail they choose.


Professional PLM Associate




The programme enables participants to visualise and manage their career; to see in advance how their career may progress; and to make choices based on the evolving professional structure that will enhance that progress.

Throughout the Foundation Stage, Associates cross-reference their skills against the Neutral Syllabus and map their ongoing techniques to the PLM Body of Knowledge.  Participants then apply and respond to the written tools and methods that the programme provides.

The participant's organisation benefits from the enhanced skills applied to ongoing projects; can provide more effective training and career support; and can incorporate learnings and best practice from other participating companies as Associates liaise with each other over the course of the programme.  Over time these effects lead to improvements in PLM visibility, operational effectiveness and governance.


Professional PLM Associate


How to Take Part


The PLMIG supports the aim of establishing a recognised PLM Profession, and is managing the Associate Programme as part of the Professional PLM Initiative.

Full details of the Programme, including how to Register, can be found on the Professional PLM web site.

For more information about the PLM Interest Group and its support of the Initiative, contact .

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