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PLMIG Individual Membership


PLMIG Individual Membership provides you with neutral tools, standards and best practices to enable you to manage and implement PLM effectively throughout your organisation.  The complete toolset covers the whole range from early adoption to Class A PLM.




Individual Membership provides all of the PLMIG Toolsets in the Store, plus ongoing Q&A support through the year.


The ongoing support starts when you join, with a simple induction that enables you to position your implementation against a checklist of best-practice parameters.  This 'As Is' picture becomes the platform for structured guidance that highlights the areas you may want to focus on, and shows how the PLMIG tools and methods can take you towards those aims.

Active Involvement


PLMIG Membership covers the '4-speed Gearbox' of PLM:-

You can move through any or all of these during the year, independently or following the PLMIG initiatives to improve the overall status of PLM.

You can request feedback as you apply the extensive set of Tools and Material, and the answers to your questions make your programme more productive. When you encounter specific problems, a question to the PLMIG can show you ways to resolve them.

Members also receive a discount at PLMIG on-line and in-person events.



Individual Members can follow the Fast Track to Professionalism under the guidance of the PLMIG, and also become Associates of the Professional PLM Initiative.  This leverages the growing body of PLM knowledge, and provides all of the new releases in the programme to reshape the PLM Industry as a profession.

Adoption and Operation


PLM practitioners working in these phases need information and practicality.  Whether you are focused on getting up to speed, fleshing out a clear operational structure, or finding solutions to specific technical problems, the guidance needs to be clear and to the point.

The PLMIG provides Tools and Methodologies that you can use yourself, as you meet problems or search for improvement.  When combined with the Q&A response it provides the most comprehensive self-help support in the industry.

Advanced and Excellent


Experienced PLM implementors start to look around for how to do better, and answer the question:-.

"How do we know that we are doing PLM as well as possible?"

This takes you into the areas of Governance, Best Practice, Standardisation, Financial Metrics... in short, it becomes a quest for Class A PLM.

This motivation to lift PLM to a higher level is supported by the PLMIG Drive for Improvement, and can also include inter-company collaboration to develop new advanced solutions.

PLMIG Tools and Methodologies


Individual Membership of the PLMIG provides the full set of PLM tools including electronic copies of the publications on Amazon.

PLMIG Toolsets include:-


How to Join


Become a Member of the PLMIG and move forward at your own pace.  Individual Membership of the PLMIG applies on a calendar year basis.  The fee for Standard Individual Membership is €2300 (or 2000, $2500).

Join the PLMIG now and your membership will run until December 2024.  For a Membership Form, contact Roger Tempest at or download a Form via this link.

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