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Discover PLM


PLM presents a huge range of challenges, from Demystifying PLM for novices, to Recovery and Redirection when things are not performing so well.



The PLMIG provides the the widest range of neutral tools and advice for those starting out in PLM.

Over the past 16 years it has also amassed one of the largest library collections of informed opinion on the subject.




Whether you are starting out on the PLM journey, or are looking for ideas to refresh your approach, there is a wealth of information that can be accessed via the links below.

Elements of PLM


Sources of information include:-




A matrix array of PLM subjects that you can browse through directly for ideas.

  Demystify PLM



The 8 "must know" things that a good PLM Manager should provide as part of every well-managed PLM implementation.

  Core Concepts



The 7 fundamental PLM concepts that distinguish a PLM Manager from his or her non-PLM colleagues.

  Adopting PLM



The sound and effective way to guide your company through the process of PLM adoption, and how to structure your approach to cover all the bases.

  Path to PLM



A framework of tools and information that leads from the first decision to try to understand PLM to a fully-working implementation.

  Right First Time



Run your PLM implementation on rails - smoothly, efficiently, and every bit as effectively as the product development that it is designed to support.

  PLM Manager



Grounding for the PLM Manager who needs to know how to approach the role.

  Instruction Books



A comprehensive set of Instruction Books that guide you through the main PLM activities.

  Informed Opinion



The Compendium of PLM Ideas - over 500 pages of structured reading material in one book.




Articles, posts, discussions and comment about PLM themes in specialist groups on LinkedIn.


Thirst for Knowledge

Anyone who thinks back to the early stages of their PLM career will remember the urge to find out more and more about PLM.  Even experienced practitioners are always keen to see new ideas that may challenge their thinking.

The ideas you will find here have been generated in the course of some of the most detailed PLM initiatives ever undertaken.  They may or may not suit your particular situation, but they should be informative and thought-provoking.

Find Out More

If you would like to know more detail about any of the above, or have ideas of your own that you think we should include, then you can let us know via .

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