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As part of its ongoing work, the PLMIG develops a wide range of tools and methods for implementing PLM. Some of these relate to the actual role of a PLM Manager.

Although the PLM industry has been developing for at least ten years, there is still no central definition of what it means to be a PLM Manager, or what a PLM Manager should do.  This problem is amplified because members of the PLM Team need to have some special skills in order to fulfil their role.




The PLMIG is bringing together the management concepts and methodologies into a Handbook that the PLM Manager can keep on his or her desk and refer to on a day-to-day basis.

It is clear that the Handbook may have to run into several volumes if it is to cover this area properly.

The best way to manage this is to keep it modular, and publish it in instalments. This flexibility will also allow new material from PLMIG initiatives to be fed in as it is generated over time.

  PLM Manager's Handbook [1] - Overview
  • Context First
  • Fundamentals of PLM Management
  • Intermediate Subjects
  • Advanced Subjects

  •   PLM Manager's Handbook [2] - The Intelligent PLM Manager
  • History of PLM Management
  • The Intelligent PLM Manager
  • Fundamentals of PLM Management
  • Weaknesses of PLM Management
  • Changing the PLM Future

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