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Welcome to the PLMIG

The PLM Interest Group provides neutral tools, expert knowledge, managed programmes and leadership to raise the performance of PLM.


Road to Excellence

The PLMIG provides a wide range of structured methodologies to enable Members to raise their implementations to a standard of PLM excellence.


PLM Toolsets

PLMIG toolsets are the instruction books for PLM. They embody most comprehensive and advanced set of neutral working methodologies for PLM.


      Integrate PLM and ERP


Harmonising PLM and ERP costs companies millions of dollars worldwide.  In most of these companies, the PLM and ERP teams are bidding separately for funding - in effect, competing with each other.

The PLMIG ran a series of workshops in the UK, North America and Germany that developed a more advanced paradigm for integrating PLM and ERP.

The new approach can be thought of as 'PLMuERP' - the "Union" of PLM and ERP - which not only builds a more advanced product management system, but also eliminates the technical and ideological conflicts that manufacturing companies face in this area.

This is an intensely detailed area, requiring experience and technical skills on both sides.  The paradox is that most solutions are based on proprietary packages and interfaces that hide what is going on "under the bonnet".

The PLMIG has developed a comprehensive toolset that can be used by both the PLM and ERP teams to define the optimal, harmonised solution.  The toolset enables companies to eliminate the PLM-ERP divide, and to build a truly integrated product management system for complete control of design and manufacture.

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