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Welcome to the PLMIG

The PLM Interest Group provides neutral tools, expert knowledge, managed programmes and leadership to raise the performance of PLM.


Road to Excellence

The PLMIG provides a wide range of structured methodologies to enable Members to raise their implementations to a standard of PLM excellence.


PLM Toolsets

PLMIG toolsets are the instruction books for PLM. They embody most comprehensive and advanced set of neutral working methodologies for PLM.


                          Industry Vision


In 2007, the PLMIG PLM Maturity Workshop in Paris, France defined the criteria for 'Full PLM Maturity', and published it in the PLM Maturity Reference Manual.

Six months later, in 2008, a delegate at a trade show asked how long this would take to achieve.

At that moment, it seemed reasonable that companies could reach Full Maturity in 10 years. That would mean that some leading companies will be reaching this very advanced state in 2018.  That has clearly not come true.

Most PLM Teams have no real written idea of what they are working towards, let alone how they will know when they have arrived.  The industry as a whole appears to be making progress only because of advances in connectivity and processing power.

It is time to revisit the question of what kind of Vision the PLM industry thinks it is aiming for.

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