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PLMuERP Primer


New Mindset


In order to integrate PLM and ERP within a business, everyone has to stop thinking of themselves as a "PLM person" or an "ERP person", and become aware of the business and management issues from the new perspective.

A technical Handbook would be difficult to use for this, so the PLMuERP Primer has been written as a management briefing document.


Spreading Awareness


The PLMuERP Primer is an excellent basis for PLM and ERP specialists to share and align their ideas, and for helping managers from other disciplines to understand the new concepts.


PLMuERP Primer

The Primer provides a clear view of the background to the current PLM-ERP situation; the new PLMuERP paradigm that is necessary for a truly integrated approach; and a list of the fundamental principles concerning roles, governance, assessment and planning.



It concludes with guidance on how to orient the PLMuERP implementation, ranging from status checking to a potential transformation project.





The Primer sets the scene for the new holistic approach to PLM and ERP integration, allowing you to move quickly to a more detailed, company-specific level.

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