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External Review of PLM


Even complex and well-supported PLM implementations can underperform due to the closed nature of the PLM environment.  The PLM Team is working under pressure, and may not have time for comparisons with other companies or with best practice methods.



The PLMIG External Review provides those comparisons in a simple and effective format.

The scope ranges from high-level governance to the technical details of the IT infrastructure, and the proactive group sessions give the in-house PLM Team the opportunity to work through their implementation issues with fresh insights.

The initial Review provides a quick and clear picture of the current situation, and can be extended into a structured PLM Audit if more detail is required.


PLMIG input is via an on-site workshop-style meeting, or on-line webex; combining a best-practice assessment of the ĎAs-Isí scenario with detailed analysis and planning.

The interactive format gives the PLM Manager or PLM Team a concise but thorough external view of the situation, enabling the future course of action to be validated or improved.


Written Results


An important feature of the External Review is that the PLMIG produces written documentation that can be used by the PLM Team for reference and to prepare for future work.

Documentation comes in two forms.  A formal PLM Review Summary sets out the findings of the External Review.  The PLM Team can refer to this and take extracts from it to make the case for new PLM improvements.  In addition to this, the PLMIG produces draft documentation in the in-house company format which the PLM Team can use as templates for their own publications later in the timeframe.


Review Structure


The External Review takes place within an agreed window, structured around a 2-day on-site, or 4 x half day on-line, session.  The preparation and follow-up produce the most powerful effect in the shortest time.

The main steps in the process are:-

  • Agree the Initial Objectives
  • PLM Manager prepares 'As-Is' material
  • On Site [2 Days]: Workshop, Review and Planning
  • PLMIG provides Review Summary and working documentation


PLM Audit


The External Review can also be used to define the scope, format and goals for a PLM Audit, which uses PLMIG toolsets to provide a much more detailed and structured analysis for longer-term action.


Find Out More


The PLM External Review is provided as an option within Bespoke Membership.

You can download a Brochure to see the process in more detail.

Although the structure is constant, the targets and work programme are always specific to the company concerned, and you can find out how it would apply to your own situation via .

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