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PLM Mentoring


Working as a PLM Manager means carrying out a complex professional role without any professional guidance.

In additional to the technical aspects, the role requires internal consultancy skills that are well above the norm.  In many ways, while colleagues have to implement and run business functions, the PLM Manager must enable the business to change itself.


Focused Support


PLM Managers are very good at this, but sometimes the process can stall or the direction can become unclear.  When this happens there is no-one else in the company to turn to, and a short burst of mentoring may be helpful.



The primary aims of PLM Mentoring are to show the PLM Manager how to understand and manage the current PLM situation, and to decide the future course of action.

The feature of Mentoring is that it is highly interactive, so it includes workshop sessions to analyse the barriers to progress; training to explain how the PLM toolsets can be applied; and provision of key documents that the PLM Manager would otherwise find difficult to create.


This focused input enables the PLM Manager to move forward with confidence and accuracy.


Specific Targets


Another feature of PLM Mentoring is that the PLM Manager can set the objectives for it before the mentoring starts.  Every implementation is different, and every PLM Manager has different priorities.  All of the objectives will be achieved by the Manager, not the Mentor, and it is the PLM Manager who should decide what these will be.


Structured Input


Mentoring takes place over a 3-month elapsed time, structured around three on-site sessions.  (If the Mentoring is on-line, a comparable timetable will be arranged.)

This is the optimum timeframe.  Any less, and the full scope would not be covered: any more, and it would become too intrusive.

The main steps in the process are:-

  • Agree the Initial Objectives
  • PLM Manager prepares 'As-Is' material
  • On Site [2 Days]: Workshop and Planning
  • PLM Manager carries out defined Analysis activities
  • On Site [2 Days]: Mid-Project Review
  • PLM Manager carries out defined High-Level activities
  • On Site [1 Day]: Final Review and Planning
  • PLMIG provides final documentation


Find Out More


PLM Mentoring is provided as one of the options within Bespoke Membership.

You can download a Brochure to see the process in more detail.

Although the structure is constant, the targets and work programme are always specific to the company concerned, and you can find out how it would apply to your own situation via .

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