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User Forum Workshops

User Forum Workshops


The interactive centrepiece of the User Initiative is a series of 1-day workshops for PLM Managers and practitioners from user companies.


The workshops provide a platform for PLM Teams from different companies to work with each other on shared problems, and to develop new tools and solutions to resolve them.

Based on the format developed by the Pathfinder Meeting, these are highly interactive events.


These are user-only workshops.  Delegates select the subjects and make short presentations to outline the problems, and then the whole group works together to share ideas and solutions.  The PLMIG provides advanced theory and best practice to enhance the discussions.

The PLMIG then produces a Summary Document with all of the results, so that participants have the findings in writing and can use them as they wish.


User Forum Workshops

International, by Time Zone


The concentrated one-day format means lends itself to events that span a particular time zone.


This is in line with the aim of making the workshops simple and easy to attend.  They are on-line, to allow the widest possible participation, and eliminate the need for travel.

The documented results will be shared between workshops, building a new combined body of knowledge.


Thus the constraints of time and distance in a global world of PLM actually lend themselves to this distributed-yet-coordinated format.


User Forum Workshops

Three Time Zones, One Week


As these are 1-day, on-line events we can hold three of them in a single week, on consecutive days, each in a different time zone.  This gives users the maximal chance to take part, and increases the impact of the findings.

The next set of three will be held at the end of February, and will follow the same format as the Launch Week.  Once again, moving from east to west, this gives:-






USA / Canada


Tues. 28 Feb.


Weds. 01 Mar.


Thur. 02 Mar.


10:30 - 19:00


08:30 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:30


This is an exciting opportunity.  Users talk much more openly with each other when vendors are not present. Some implicit constraints are no longer there, and the conversation moves freely in many new directions.


User Forum Workshops




Taking part in the PLM User Forum events will enable you to:-

  • See how other PLM Managers are working on PLM, and share ideas;
  • Work through PLM issues in detail;
  • Have your issue covered within the Agenda;
  • Take part in the group discussions to combine your experience;
  • Use the Summary Document as an instruction manual for solving the problems; and,
  • Become part of a new community as the participants work together.

User Forum Workshops


Event Details


This is a series of events that build into a new user body of knowledge, generating specific detailed solutions for the participants and revealing how PLM is being applied in different parts of the world.

For full details of the Agenda and how to take part, follow the link below.

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