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The PLM Interest Group provides neutral tools, expert knowledge, managed programmes and leadership to raise the performance of PLM.


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New PLM Centres of Excellence can capture the best of PLM knowledge around the world, aligned to local needs.


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PLMIG toolsets are the instruction books for PLM. They embody most comprehensive and advanced set of neutral working methodologies for PLM.














Over the past 19 years the PLMIG has run a wide range of initiatives which have established many of the core principles and techniques of PLM.

You can find the tools and methodologies under PLM Improvement.


Many PLMIG techniques have raised the horizons of PLM and enable solutions and outcomes that were not previously thought possible.

You can browse these and compare them to your current thinking under Advanced Thought.


The PLMIG is leading the Initiative to establish an internationally-recognised Professional Body for the PLM industry.

The Professional PLM programme raises the standard of PLM for companies and practitioners.

PLM Improvement


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Basic information about PLM.

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Managing the real PLM implementation.

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High-end approaches to PLM.

      Financial Control


Calculate the $// costs and benefits of your current implementation and future plans.


It is time to throw away the myth that the benefits of PLM are unquantifiable.  Every single benefit that can be attributed to PLM can be calculated and expressed in financial terms.

The PLM Team can produce fully-costed project justifications with accurate ROI, and can also work with the vendor to show that the planned results have been delivered.

This is the starting point - the level of basic financial competence that every PLM implementation should have.

When you have control, you can go further and predict the financial benefits that future PLM projects will achieve, creating a Board-level drive for more progress.

When the toolsets and methods below are applied, the perception of PLM as some kind of 'financial drain' is finally banished.

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It is now possible to identify real financial metrics that will support your next PLM project or CapEx submission.  The techniques are logical, thorough, and work in every PLM situation.

The PLM Justification Handbook contains a standard, neutral methodology to quantify the costs, benefits and commercial value of implementing PLM.

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Clear guidelines are needed for PLM definition and measurement, so that everyone can see that PLM is successful.

The PLM Delivery Handbook takes the justification of new PLM projects to a new level, enabling vendors to participate in the process and demonstrate their commitment to the results.

Application of the Handbook methodology enables users to demonstrate that they have received exactly what they have paid for when they implement PLM.

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The perception of PLM in North American companies is different to the European view, and for any idea to succeed in America it needs a compelling message.

The message is that PLM can be quantified, and the value of PLM to the business can be proven in dollar terms.

The methodology is clear and accurate, and everyone can see how the figures will be generated.

See the Compelling PLM message >>>

PLM Managers expect colleagues to have a general understanding of PLM - and yet also expect to produce valid financial justifications without any specific knowledge of accountancy.

Small wonder that quantifying financial benefits can seem so hard to do, but in fact the basic methodology of accountancy is quite easy to understand.

The Accountancy Overview explains the accountancy principles used even by the largest corporations, with easy-to-follow examples.  It enables the PLM Manager to work constructively and knowledgeably with Finance Department colleagues.

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The tools above enable you to get proper financial control of your PLM implementation, with justification for all of the improvement projects you need to make.

But there is a level that is even more advanced than this.

By integrating the PLM financial structure with the accounting structure used by the Finance Department, the PLM out-turns can become part of senior management decision-making.

This enables you to monetize PLM, devising projects that meet the Board's strategic aims.

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